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This page includes my podcasting, interviews, and digital teaching.


*I host the UpWords podcast for Upper House in Madison, WI. Guests have included: Darren Dochuk, Lauren Turek, James Ungureanu, David Fields, David Harrisville, Gene Zubovich, Peter Cajka, Skye Doney.

* For interviews related to The Rise and Fall of Dispensationalism, see here.

Interviewed on our own "UpWords" podcast on the religious history of the University of Wisconsin-Madison (February 2023)

Interviewed by "Eschatology Matters" podcast (with video) on The Rise and Fall of Dispensationalism (January 2023)

Interviewed by "London Lyceum" podcast oThe Rise and Fall of Dispensationalism (November 2022)

Interviewed by "The Good Life with Dr. Danny" on The Rise and Fall of Dispensationalism (November 2022)

Interviewed by "Quick to Listen" podcast (Christianity Today) on Premillennialism (August 2019)

Interviewed by the "Classical Ideas Podcast" on Evangelical Christian Nationalism in the Cold War (September 2018)Interviewed on Israel, Palestine, and Christian Zionism (March 2018)



*I regularly host speakers at Upper House (see, many of which are available on Upper House's Youtube channel (see

Presentation on the religious history of the University of Wisconsin-Madison at Upper House (March 2023).

Interviewed at Blackhawk Church, Madison, WI on the history of the Evangelical Free Church of America (October 2017)

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Voices & Visions is an audio-visual, permanent, and scalable primary source companion for courses exploring the history of the United States and the World.

Started by a group of historians in 2016, Voices & Visions launched in June 2017 with its first entries, with plans for expanding with support from University of Wisconsin-Madison Digital Collections and the Society for Historians of American Foreign Relations (SHAFR).

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