Daniel G. Hummel is the Director for University Engagement at Upper House, a Christian study center located on the campus of the University of Wisconsin-Madison. He is also a lecturer in UW-Madison’s Department of History. 


A historian by training, Daniel is the author of Covenant Brothers: Evangelicals, Jews, and U.S.-Israeli Relations (University of Pennsylvania Press, 2019) and has written for outlets including the Washington Post and Religion News Service. His academic research has been published in Religion & American Culture and Church History. He has a forthcoming book with Eerdmans Press titled Waiting for the Kingdom: The Rise and Fall of Dispensationalism in America.

Prior to joining Upper House, Daniel held fellowship appointments at the Institute for Research in the Humanities (UW-Madison) and the Ash Center for Democratic Governance and Innovation (Harvard Kennedy School). He is a co-creator of the online teaching resource Voices & Visions.

Daniel earned his PhD at UW-Madison and has a MA and BA from Colorado State University.

Email: hummel.daniel.g@gmail.com


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