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A list of recent media quotes, recorded interviews and talks.

Interviewed at Blackhawk Church, Madison, WI (October 2017)

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Quoted in: Religion News Service (November 2023); Guardian (October 2023)NPR's Here and Now (October 2023); Guardian (March 2023); The Forward (April 2021); Religion News Service (January 2021); Middle East Eye (August 2020); Associated Press (May 2020); Huffington Post (October 2019); NPR (August 2019); The Atlantic (August 2019); Washington Post (August 2019); NPR's All Things Considered (August 2019); Religion News Service (March 2019); The Forward (March 2019); Charisma News (March 2019); Jewish Telegraph Agency (March 2019); The Daily Beast (February 2019); The Contemporary (August 2018); The Atlantic  (October 2017)Moment Magazine (September 2017)The Forward (July 2017); Mosaic (May 2017)

Profiled by the Ash Center for Democratic Governance and Innovation, Harvard Kennedy School (December 2017)

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